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William Lawson’s 75cl

William Lawsons Blended Scotch Whisky

The classic William Lawsons Scotch whisky, created in 1849 by William Lawson himself, is a medium-bodied and sweet rounded malt blend with an amazing taste, being one of the fastest-growing Scotch whisky brands in the world and is packaged in distinctive green bottles. The high malt content is made up of the Single Malt Glen Deveron Malt and William Lawsons brand exemplifies its NO RULES, GREAT SCOTCH motto.

William Lawsons’ Tasting Notes

Nose: On the nose, it has the aromas of creamy barley malt and sweet spice, oak, cocoa butter, and dried peels.

Palate: It tastes of allspice, raisin and date, toasted oak, and hints of the walnut loaf which astound your palate. It has a bold and big fruity flavour with toasted cereal, a dollop of chewy toffee, and a hint of juicy apple.

Finish: It has a malty and toasted finish with



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